With a name like The Soapbox, you know we keep it clean!

We're still open for window service, so you can drop by and get your Soapbox favorites — from a safe distance, of course!

The Soapbox Cafe will be open daily from 8:30AM to 1:30PM. We'll be serving coffee drinks, bagels and sandwiches (see our menu here). Orders can be placed in advance by phone at (415)  814-3391, or come on by and yell at us through our window from 6' away or more. We'll hear you!

You can also support us by purchasing a gift card!


Here's how we're keeping you (and us!) safe during the current shelter-in-place order:

1. All kitchen work surfaces are sanitized before each day begins, and multiple times throughout the day.

2. All Soapbox baristas sanitize their hands multiple times throughout the day. 

3. All Soapbox baristas sanitize their hands after touching anything someone else may have touched (money, credit cards, etc).

4. All doors, surfaces and restrooms are sanitized before and after each day's service.

5. We will wait at a distance for you to place your payment at our window, and ask that you wait at a distance as we place your order at our window.

Together, we can make it through this staying healthy and caffeinated!